Mike Retzlaff
About me
I am a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
I am working with Dr. Andrei Draganescu on topics related to:
  • developing/improving methods in non-smooth optimization
  • developing pre-conditioners for inverse problems related to image reconstruction
  • domain decomposisiton for numerical solutions of PDEs
I also have open research in probabilistic cellular automata.
  • Fall 2017: MATH 151-06 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, Tuesday-Thursday 10:00–11:15
  1. Brummitt, Delventhal, and Retzlaff, Packard Snowflakes on the von Neumann Neighborhood; Journal of Cellular Automata, 3–1, 2008, pp 57–80.
  2. Retzlaff, Проблемы построения вещественных чисел [Problems in Constructing the Real Numbers]; Undergraduate thesis, University of Wisconsin and Herzen State Pedagogical University, 2006.
Substantial coursework
  • Math 650 and 651: Optimization (Shen, Guler)
  • Math 612 and 614: Differential Equations (Biswas, Nochetto)
  • Math 620 and 630: Numerical Methods and Linear Algebra (Draganescu)
  • Math 710 (2): Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems (Gowda, Potra)
In my previous lives...
  • 2007–2015: I was a high school mathematics teacher
  • 1997–2003: I sold specialty construction materials and did freelance work on various remodeling projects
About the photo
Yes, I was in Pie Town, NM on ultimate pi day 3/14/15, at 9:26:53am (well, it was 9:26 pacific time, unfortunately we were an hour late for the local mountain time)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250, USA
email: mretzla1 'at ' umbc 'dot' edu
office: Sherman Hall 134